Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit 100W Review

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Lost Vape URSA Quest multi Kit 100W

Lost Vape after the successful sales of the Mod Grus 100W, releases a new and valuable “universal” model (18650-20700-21700) called Ursa.

The latest addition to Lost Vape uses a new and very complete proprietary Quest chipset equipped with POWER, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, Voltage, Bypass) modes, double control on Mod / Pod with 3 + 3 storable settings, interesting the TC / SS904 option for the 0.3Ω UB PRO coil.

Will Ursa be the queen of universal mods for 2020?

Enjoy the reading.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 1.jpg

The package with which the Lost Vape URSA Quest arrives is of important dimensions, on the front the mod is depicted in the Pod and Mod 510 variants, also in the form of an icon the main features are listed.
Since this is a Sample, perhaps still in the final configuration phase, I will not dwell on describing the other sides of the cardboard box.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 2.jpg

Package contents:
– 1 Device Ursa Quest
– 1 Mod 510 steel adapter
– 1 x 18650 battery adapter
– 1 7ml Ursa Pro Pod cartridge pre-assembled with steel AFC
– 1 x 6ml Ursa Ultra AFC compatible steel cartridge
– 1 Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 of 0.15Ω Range 70-90W
– 1 Mesh-Coil UB M4 0.2Ω Range 40-60W
– 1 Drip Tip 810
– 1 Drip Tip 510
– 1 Set of O-rings
– 1 Type-C cable for charging
– 1 Certificate of guarantee
– 1 User manual

Lost Vape URSA 100W 3.jpg

Dimensions and features:
Material: zinc alloy + steel + leather
Measurements: 126x43x33mm
Ursa Mod weight: 193gr
Ursa Pod Weight: 173gr
Batteries: 18650-20700-21700 (not included)
Input Voltage: 5V
Battery Voltage: 3.0-4.2V
Output Voltage: 0.7-8V
Power Range: 5-100W
Current Range: 1-35A
Temperature Range: 100 ° C-315 ° C / 200 ° F-600 ° F
Resistance range supported: 0.1-5.0Ω
TC Coil material supported: Nickel, Titanium, SS904, SS316
Oled screen: 0.96 ”

Lost Vape URSA 100W 4.jpg

Available colours:

Lost Vape URSA 100W 5.jpg

First impressions:
When for the first time I touched some details, I immediately thought of the Ursa as the best creation of 2020 as regards the so-called universal devices (pod + mod) and the impression I got from it is of great robustness.

The frame is entirely built in zinc alloy, the stainless steel parts are the additional ones, that is: the compartment / battery cap, the base / airflow and the 510 adapter with respective super reliable coupling system.

With so many metal parts the weight of the Ursa goes from 153gr when empty to 173gr (pod version) to 193gr with 510 adapter, they are not few! However, even with a 21700 cell inserted, its portability remains excellent and not at all tiring, thanks to a form factor guessed in the smallest details, strongly inspired by that of the previous Grus Quest.

The design is a set of convexities, different materials, curves, bevels, grooves without sharp edges and lively lines that are always connected to each other in a sweet and functional way ensuring great ergonomics and tactile pleasure during the vape.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 6.jpg

Lost Vape URSA Quest 100W how it’s made:
This sample is part of the color choice category called “SS Ukiran Leather” by Lost Vape.

The side view showcases the lively design of the Ursa with a thick leather insert in the center, with a high color density, with a very pronounced surface roughness. The texture and design of the leather insert vary from panel to panel.

The inscription “Ursa Quest” laser engraved and is placed vertically downwards. The writing on the other side (in the same position) is that of the Brand (Lost Vape).

Lost Vape URSA 100W 7.jpg

Lost Vape URSA 100W 8.jpg

The front and rear side are very interesting, at the top there are two opposing metal buttons that are used to operate the robust coupling / release mechanism of the pod and its accessories.

On the front side in a slightly recessed position there are the square-shaped fire button, the 0.96 “color oled screen, the Up / down adjustment keys with the Mode key in the center for quick access to the menu functions.
* The keys are all metallic with good tactile feedback.

The rear area under the eject button is completely smooth, the slightly rounded surfaces of both narrow sides favor the grip on the mod.

The Pod compartment in my view is a work of art, on the bottom there is the spring-loaded contact pin and on the sides there are two metal spurs operated by the external keys I mentioned earlier, this coupling system / release for the cartridge and for additional 510 module is the most robust, stable and well-made solution that I have ever seen on these systems, the “Voltage Drop” is zeroed. Congratulations Lost Vape you won!

Lost Vape URSA 100W 11.jpg

The 510 adapter can even be dismantled for any repairs, on the sides there are two large hooking loops, the 510 adapter it has a diameter of 31mm and a weight of 43gr! The pin is gold plated and is spring loaded.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 12.jpg

The shape of the support base of the Ursa gives it great stability, on this surface there are three vent holes for the cell, the C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and Manufactured by Lost Vape Ltd” are shown. Also on this surface we find four torx screws and the cap (with handle) to access the compartment / battery.

Lost Vape Ursa can use different types of cells (18650-20700-21700) for the 18650 an adapter is available in the kit.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 13.jpg

Ursa Pod System:
It involves the use of two different cartridges, both made of PCTG with replaceable drip-tip and refill in a comfortable lateral / high position.
The 7ml Ursa Pro Pod Cartridge uses a drip Tip 810 and is designed to house the new UB Pro Coil series and the new RBA Ursa Pro.
The 6ml Ursa Ultra Cartridge uses a 510 drip tip and is designed to accommodate all the UB coil series and the UB RBA base.

Both cartridges screw onto a special and sturdy AFC steel ring.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 14.jpg

Lost Vape URSA 100W 15.jpg

UB Pro Coil Range:
At the moment there are two types of UB Pro oversized coils for the 7ml UB Pro cartridge and they are:
– Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω with Range 70-90W
– Mesh-Coil UB M4 from 0.2Ω Range 40-60W usable with temperature control in a range of 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.

UB Coil Range:
The UB coil series available for the 6ml UB cartridge is very complete:
– UB M4 Mesh-Coil 0.2Ω
Coil resistance: 0.2Ω mesh coil
Rate: 40-60W
Suitable for DL

– UB M3 Mesh-Coil 0.15Ω
Coil resistance: 0.15Ω mesh coil
Rate: 40-70W
Suitable for DL

– UB M1 Mesh-Coil 0.3Ω
Coil resistance: 0.3Ω mesh coil
Rate: 30-40W
Suitable for DL

– UB M2 Mesh-Coil 0.6Ω
Coil resistance: 0.6Ω Mesh Coil
Rate: 20-28W
Suitable for DL

– UB MTL Coil 1.0Ω
Coil resistance: 1.0Ω Regular Coil
Rate: 8-15W
Suitable for MTL

– UB RBA Deck
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.0Ω
Sold separately.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 16.jpg

Deck RBA UB Pro:
Kindly Lost vape sent me the RBA kit (sold separately) for my test and I thank them.
the RBA kit includes:
– 1 Postless RBA Deck
– 1 Screwable Chimney
– 1 510 adapter
– 2 Cotton laces
– 2 Ø3mm 0.3Ω Complex Coils
– 3 replacement O’ring
– 4 tightening screws.
* Note: I couldn’t find any screwdriver supplied, I’m sure Lost Vape will put it in the kit when it goes on sale.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 17.jpg

RBA UB Pro Build:

This new postless deck for the RBA URSA is quite small in size, however it is not difficult to rebuild, the only difficulty is the tiny screws to tighten the legs (good eyesight required).

The Ø2mm under-coil hole suggests a type of vape that is not too open, we will see later.
Before regenerating simply screw the 510 adapter to the RBA and screw it onto the mod for a more comfortable operation.

The legs fit comfortably from the top, I recommend cutting them to 5mm in length before inserting them.
I inserted the cotton, for the cut I took reference by folding it on the deck and cutting it slightly before the end of the buttonholes that must accommodate it.
I then screwed on the bell and moistened the cotton with my 70/30 tropical liquid.

Lost Vape URSA 100W 18.jpg

How the mod works:
– Power on / off: Press the fire button 5 times in a row.
– Lock / Unlock: Press the (+) and (-) keys simultaneously

Simplified navigation:
With the mod Unlocked, press the (+) and (-) keys to scroll through the options, to select press the Mode key, to confirm the choice press the fire key.

With Power selected, press the Mode button to change mode, with the (+) and (-) buttons choose between (POWER, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, VOLTAGE, BYPASS ).

Temperature control mode:
The temperature and wattage can be adjusted under SS904, SS316, TI.
The temperature value can be changed between 100 ° C and 315 ° C, 200 ° F and 600 ° F, the power can be set between 5.0-100 W.
* SS904 mode is specially designed for UB Pro P3 coil which is built with SS904 wire.

VPC mode:
VPC mode is a custom curve output mode. The output power value can be changed every 0.5 seconds within 4 seconds from 5 to 100W.

Pod Mode / Mod Switching:
The power output is slightly different between Pod and Mod modes.
The Pod mode theme is shown in blue color, the selected Mod mode is shown in orange color.

User Settings Switching:
There are 4 control options for user settings in Pod / Mod mode.
1) Mode
2) Resistance
3) Power / voltage
4) Boost level or Temperature
3 different separate user settings can be stored for Pod mode and Mod mode.
To overwrite the current user setting, select the user you want to overwrite, press the Select button once, and then press and hold the Select button for two seconds.

Boost function:
Ursa Quest Multi supports the Boost functionality in power mode to increase / decrease the pre-hit (Soft, Norm, Hard).

It allows you to vape automatically, the power decreases as the battery drops, with the Bypass function activated it is not possible to use the “Boost” function.

Puff time display and puff count reset:
1) The Puff Time is displayed for 2 seconds after activation (fire).
2) Press the Select button to reset or retrieve the puff count when the PUFF count is highlighted.

Screen brightness adjustment:
Press the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the screen brightness.

Selecting (YES) will restore all settings to factory defaults.

Displays the Lost Vape logo and the installed software version.

To return to the main interface

The device has a built-in DC 5V USB type port, powered by a Type-C cable.
While charging the battery icon will start to animate, once the charge is complete it stops. (Battery Voltage 4.18V).

Protections and warnings:
Low battery
Check Atomizer
Short circuit
Too Hot: The device will shut down when the indoor temperature is above 85 ° C. Until the temperature returns to 65 ° C.
Cut Off: Over 10s, the output will be automatically cut off and the screen shows “Over 10s” when you vape over 10s continuously

Lost Vape URSA 100W 19.jpg

Final Conclusions:
This kit allows the use of most atomizers on the market with a useful diameter of 31mm, I tried to install atomizers with a diameter of 27-28mm and even smaller ones up to 25mm, no one clashes. The mod has a good speed to puff, it seems to me that it also manages the batteries very well.

– Mesh-Coil UB M4 0.2Ω with 40-60W Range:
I had already tried it with the Thelema 80W, but I wanted to see how it performed when paired with the 6ml UB cartridge with Drip-Tip 510 (replaceable).
I therefore used the same tropical liquid as the previous test (Thelema).
The coil as expected has the same good yield, on the Thelema I use it with open air-flow at 45 / 50W, with the Ursa it is sufficient to open the AFC to 50%, opening it more does not have major improvements.
The body of the steam is remarkable, the puff is soft and silent, you can reach 60W (maximum limit of the coil) without showing any signs of failure.

– Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω Range 70-90W:
This new generation Coil must be combined with the 7ml UB Pro cartridge with the Drip-Tip 810 (replaceable).
In this case the AFC can be used at 100% Starting from 70W (minimum range), the reactivity to the Fire is fast, the Puff is quite noisy with the AFC ring completely open, by choking the AFC the noise is attenuated and improves the yield aromatic.

From 80 to 90W with AFC wide open you undoubtedly get a great yield of flavor and a lot of vapor emission, the power supply seems constant and the coil does not show to suffer from the highest powers.

– Coil UB Pro SS904 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W:
Lost Vape also sent me this very interesting Mesh-Coil to be used in VW or in TC / SS904 with settings between 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
The first impressions beyond the mode used are those of a balanced Coil, with a drier Puff, the flavor seems to me to be very accentuated the sugary part of the liquid.
The initial power delivery is certainly faster in VW mode, in TC you feel a greater linearity of the Puff, I am not a TC expert, I rarely use it, however I think it is a good experience, I was missing it.
I assume that with the TC you can also have a longer duration of the coil itself.

I was happy with the supplied coil, I installed it without knowing what it was, I only know that it has a diameter of Ø3mm and turns out to be 0.3Ω.
I started using it at 30W and since its liquid supply is very good, I ended up using it at 40W without any inconvenience.
The 7ml of liquid that contains the UB Pro cartridge allow long vaping sessions, the consumption of liquid does not seem excessive to me, a symptom of a good yield.
Some small difficulties with small screws can be encountered during the coil build, however it seems to me a good very balanced RBA for a good flavor, the solution of keeping a Ø2mm hole under the coil seems to me to be guessed.

I think I have almost said everything, this universal kit (Pod + Mod) is definitely the best one out so far, it will surely be able to satisfy many people. Let’s just hope that with all these great and beautiful innovations the final price is not too high (at the moment I don’t know it).

Lost Vape URSA Quest Kit 100W Highlights:
– The first Mod Pod with 5 Vaping Modes:
• VPC mode (variable power curve)
• Bypass mode
• Wattage mode
• Voltage mode
• Temperature control mode (SS316 / Ti / Ni)
– Three power steps (Soft, Norm Hard)
– Three additional user memories
– Mod and Pod configuration, Dual Vape Style
– Type-C charging
– Superior quality leather
– Robust Clip-On Connection
– Adjustable AFC in steel
– Convenient side trim at the top
– Double pod system
– Coil UB Pro 0.3ohm for TC
– RBA UB Pro (available separately)
– Wide choice of Coil UB + RBA UB
– Drip Tip 510 and 810 both replaceable

I thank everyone for your attention.

Thanks to Lost Vape for submitting this product for review.
Lost Vape – High-End Box Mods & Vape Kits – DNA & Quest Chip

Lost Vape URSA 100W 20.jpg

Lost Vape URSA 100W 9.jpg

Lost Vape URSA 100W 10.jpg

Lost Vape Grus Review – A Diamond In the Grus?

Lost Vape Grus Review – A Diamond In the Grus?

A very smart looking single battery 100w mod so is this one for the vaping gurus?

The Lost Vape Grus review, and is it a bird a plane or a super sexy vape device?

It turns out a Grus is some kind of bird from the crane family, so calling a device ‘Grus’ makes absolutely no sense! But hey, this is vaping and the world of vaping is vast and spectacular.

Lost Vape Grus review

Lost Vape make very good devices, particularly known for high quality and not as well known for tanks and rebuildables.

The Orion range of pod systems always come to mind when I think of Lost Vape but most recently, the Lost Vape Centaurus DNA250c is what really comes to mind.

A fabulous dual battery device which is very high quality and although its over the £100 mark, its definitely worth the money in my opinion.

Single battery devices however are on a slight rise, especially with the use of a single 21700 battery, generally meaning higher wattage, and better battery life.

Lets crack on and try out the Lost Vape Grus 100w Mod.

What Can We Expect From The LostVape Grus 100w Mod?

The Lost Vape Grus mod has pretty much all the features you could expect or want from a single battery device along with coming in a number of modern, and classic styles.

Housing a battery as large as a 21700 does mean you compensate on portability but with a Zinc Alloy frame, USB Type-C Charge port, a large colour OLED display and a large enough 510 plate on top to fit a 30mm atomiser.

Lost Vape Grus mod

I’m pretty sure the Grus will suit a lot of different vapers.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Grus Mod
  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User Manual

Lost Vape Grus 100w – Specifications

Lost Vape Grus contents

  • Battery -Single 21700/20700 or 18650 with adaptor
  • Wattage Output – 5-100w
  • Up to 30mm atomizer without overhang
  • Output Modes: VW/VV/TC/NI/SS
  • Multiple Circuit Protections
  • Height: 94.6mm
  • Width: 40.5mm
  • Depth: 30.5mm

The Lost Vape Grus comes in a Carbon, Wood and a Universe Series.

All three series have a Stainless Steel, Gunmetal or Black frame with different style inner panels depending on the series you choose.


Lost Vape Grus 100w Design and Build Quality

I received the Black Carbon Fibre version of the Lost Vape Grus.

The satin black finish is nice and smooth and fairly scratch resistant, and on either side of the device is a slim panel which in my case is real carbon fibre.

Lost Vape Grus in hand

Surprisingly the 2 side panels are machined so well, when you run your finger across them you can barely feel the join between the black frame and the carbon fibre panels.

I’m really impressed with the finish and quality of build with this device.

Lost Vape Grus 100w In The Hand

The Grus is quite tall for a single battery mod, but more surprising is the weight.

It isn’t heavy, but its ‘weighty’ and solid in the hand.

Lost Vape Grus display

As both a thumb, or finger firer the Lost Vape Grus works very well and fits comfortably in the hand mostly thanks to the curvature of the device.

On the one side is a clean smooth curve, and on the other curved end is the display, which is also curved very cleverly to blend into the device and sits nice and flush.

Lost Vape Grus 100w Display

An interesting slightly curved display with the Grus, which means if you don’t look at the display face-on, it almost feels like you’re looking into a fish tank.

Lost Vape Grus reviewed

However, the display is bright, clear and also has a nice option to change the display colour.

LostVape Grus Basic Operation

There are 3 buttons to worry about along with the fire button.

Interestingly, the Grus doesn’t have a main menu as such, so all changes are made within the one screen.

Lost Vape Grus

Here’s the basic steps for operation:

  • Device On – 5 click of Fire Button
  • Device Off – 5 Clicks of Fire button, then Centre Button
  • Change Power Mode – 1 Click of Centre button highlights Power Mode
  • Up Button – Voltage/Wattage/Temperature Up
  • Down Button – Voltage/Wattage/Temperature  Down
  • Up & Centre Button – Locks adjustment buttons. Will Still fire.
  • Press & Hold Centre Button – Change display colour.

Lost Vape Grus Battery Housing

The Grus uses what I would call the traditional threaded battery cap with a small latch that you can lift and unscrew the cap to access the battery housing.

There are also 3 small holes in the cap for battery venting.

Lost Vape Grus battery doorAs much as some may say this is a painful way to house a battery, and for some who aren’t very dexterous they may struggle with this cap as the handle to screw and unscrew is quite small.

But personally, I still think its one of the best ways to house a battery, more because it ensures a tight connection and there is nothing that concerns me more than loose connections…

Being an electrician, I can promise you a loose connection causes more problems than you could imagine.

Lost Vape Grus battery sled

Just ask one of the largest retailers in the UK who had 5 hours of downtime, costing them millions just because of a loose connection.

Yep…I was the fool who had to fix it and explain to the directors there was no quick fix.

How Does The Lost Vape Grus Perform?

I’ve made as much use of the large diameter 510 plate on top of the Lost Vape Grus by using everything from the usual 24/25mm RDA’s to one of my favourite 28mm RTA’s, the Oumier Bulk RTA.

Personally, I feel this device is better suited for larger atomizers, as much as it works absolutely fine with a 24 or 25mm tank or dripper, its really best suited for 28-30mm tanks and RDA’s.

Lost Vape Grus in action

But this is where it gets tricky because for the most part, its fairly normal to build lower with a larger diameter atomizer which in turn requires more power to perform.

With the limited 100w output, the Grus seems to offer you a race car, with a moped engine, but for the most part, 100 watts is plenty. It’s just for some who may like to vape at over 100 watts every day, they just wont get the power they need.

Even if a maximum of 100 watts is enough, a single 21700 battery wont last very long when used at 100 watts.


With regards to power output, the Lost Vape Grus hits as well as you would hope.

You may not get 100 watts out of the Grus for long, but on a fully charged battery it does feel like it comfortably hits 100 watts.

Can the Lost Vape Grus Be practical?

For a single battery device, the Lost Vape Grus is fairly large, and fairly heavy but its still streamlined enough and certainly tough enough to be used day to day.

I’d be more concerned about the 6.5ml Bubble glass on my 28mm tank than any concerns I might have about damaging the device.

510 plate

The ability to house a 21700 battery certainly helps with battery life, if you tend to vape at around 50-60 watts each day, you’ll most likely find a 21700 battery will last you a day or there abouts. Its just about enough for me, with the occasional change of battery mid-evening.

There is of course a USB Type-C Port for a decent 2amp charge so fast charging on the go is possible if you need.

Can the Lost Vape Grus be used at work?

Using the Grus at work isn’t like carrying a pod system around in your pocket that’s for sure! But its certainly easier to lug around and use than a larger dual 1865 device.

Again the concern boils down to battery life.

Are you happy to carry spare batteries especially if you a: Vape a lot, b: Vape at a high wattage. If this is no problem then the Grus is a good option for day to day work life.


  • Superb Finish
  • Feels well made
  • Clear Display
  • Easy navigation
  • Houses a 30mm atty no problem

Its hard to fault this device. One of my favourite sayings ‘It is what it is’ comes to mind. Why do I say that? The fact this can take up to 30mm atomiser yet being limited to 100 watts because its a single 21700 device really restricts this device. Hence the mark down in the ‘Design’ category. Apart from that, the Lost Vape Grus is top-notch.

Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod Review: Is It Worth Getting?

Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod Review: Is It Worth Getting?

 Daniel M. October 12, 2020


  • Simple to operate
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Looks great
  • Great internal battery capacity
  • Nice range of coils spanning different vaping styles


  • Difficult to see liquid level in the pod through the little window cutout

Lost Vape are known for their use of Evolv’s DNA chip in box mods such as the Paranormal and Centaurus, as well as throwing them in their Orion and Orion Plus pod kits. This has meant Lost Vape’s products have usually been a little on the pricier side.

Developing their own proprietary chip, the Quest, has meant Lost Vape have released a number of pod devices with more reasonable price tags. The Quest chip is also starting to make its way into some Lost Vape box mods, firstly with the B2B starter kit and now with the soon to be released Grus mod.

The Thelema is a pod mod powered by their Quest chip, which features an internal 3000mAh battery and can fire up to 80W.

Let’s take a look at the Thelema.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Thelema Pod Mod
  • 1 x 0.2ohm Ultra Boost M4 Mesh Coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.3ohm Ultra Boost M1 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 510 DL Drip Tip
  • 1 x 510 MTL Drip Tip
  • 1 x USB Type-C charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card


  • Dimensions: 101 × 35.3 × 29.4mm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Power Output: 5-80W
  • Battery: Internal 3000mAh
  • Charging: USB Type-C 2A
  • Screen: 0.96″ TFT
  • Modes: Variable Wattage
  • Pod Capacity: 4ml (2ml TPD)

Design & Build Quality

The Lost Vape Thelema is constructed from zinc alloy and has a leather cushion which wraps around the curved back of the body.

You can choose from three different colors; Stainless Steel, Black and Gunmetal. You can also choose which leather finish you want on the cushion; Ukiran Leather, Glossy Leather or Grain Leather. The leather comes in different colors depending on which metal finish you choose. Lost Vape do say the leather is real, too. It’s a nice touch to let you choose both the metal and leather finishes.

The Thelema is very nice to hold in the hand and the leather cushion provides a very comfortable grip. It’s quite lightweight, too, but still feels like a solid and well built device.

There are two engraved panels that run down each side of the Thelema, one has Lost Vape engraved and the other has Thelema. It looks sleek; sometimes branding can look tacky but this is done well.

Above each panel are the airflow slots which are cut diagonally into the body of the device.

On the bottom of the Thelema are the usual regulatory marks and some battery venting holes.

The top of the Thelema has a recess where the pod fits into. In the recess are two gold plated contact pins and four magnets, which secure the pod in place. The magnets are not the strongest I’ve seen, but do a fine job of securing the pod in place.

On the front of the Thelema, at the top, there is a little cut out which allows you to see the liquid level in the pod. I did find it quite difficult to see and just opted to lift the pod out to check my liquid level.

In the center of the front panel is the 0.96” TFT display. Above the screen is the fire button, which is square shaped, but with the corners chopped off. Below the screen are your up and down adjustment buttons, which are rectangular in shape and again have the corners chopped off. Below the adjustment buttons is the USB Type C charging port.

Overall, the build quality on the Thelema is exceptional. The body of the device is lovely to hold, the leather cushion is comfortable, it feels solid and well made, the screen is crisp and clear, the buttons are nice to press and are responsive in use. It looks good as well, sleek and stylish with curves and angles complementing each other very well.

Features & FunctionsLost Vape Thelema Screen

The Thelema is powered by Lost Vape’s Quest chip and is capable of firing between 5-80W.

It only features a variable wattage mode, so is very simple to use; no complex menu systems or various power modes make it a device that is suited to both beginners and more experienced vapers who want a more streamlined vaping experience on the go.

Selecting your desired wattage is done using the up and down adjustment buttons and then you use the fire button when you want to take a draw.

The display is a 0.96” TFT screen in full color and the color scheme can be changed between any of the six available options; Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green or Purple.

There is a battery indicator in the top left of the display and the resistance of your coil in the top right. In the middle it displays your selected wattage as a nice big number, then you have the time in seconds of your last puff in the bottom left of the screen and a puff counter in the bottom right. There are also color indicators at the very bottom showing you which color scheme you have selected and the others available.

The display itself is bright, vibrant and crisp, while keeping all of the information easily visible at a glance.

The fire button and adjustment buttons are very nice to use; clicky and responsive, but not cheap feeling at all. These are actually the nicest buttons I’ve pressed on any vaping device.

The Thelema has an internal 3000mAh battery, which is a great capacity to see on a pod device. You should be able to get a full day’s use out of the battery, but if you do need to charge during the day this is done using the USB Type-C port.

The Thelema supports 2A charging and Lost Vape say it will be fully charged in approximately 60 minutes. My math says it will take about 90 minutes to charge at 2A and in reality I measured it to be approximately 100 minutes.

Thelema Button Combinations

  • Turn On / Off: Five clicks of ‘fire’ button
  • Lock Adjustment Buttons: Press ‘up’ and ‘down’ adjustment buttons together.
  • Change colour theme: Press ‘fire’ and ‘up’ buttons together
  • Reset Puff Counter: Press ‘fire’ and ‘down’ buttons together

PodLost Vape Thelema Pod

The pod is constructed from PCTG and is very darkly tinted on the top. The lower portion of the pod is more lightly tinted, allowing you to see your liquid level more clearly.

You have an option of two 510 drip tips in the box, one thinner and one thicker. Both of the drip tips fit nicely into the top of the pod and are secured by two o-rings. The thinner drip tip has a glossy finish, while the thicker one has a matte finish. While the thicker drip tip has a wider bore and is more suited to direct lung vaping, you can still use the thinner one for direct lung vaping too, so it’s a matter of which you prefer to use.

The fill port is big enough for standard sized nozzles and is covered with a rubber bung, which is quite chunky. The sample version that I received has the word ‘Oiling’ on the rubber bung. Lost Vape has advised that this was a mistranslation and it has been changed to ‘Open’ on the final production models.Lost Vape Thelema Fill Port

The bottom of the pod is where your coils are installed and they are press fit, so it’s quick and easy to remove and replace your coil when needed. You can change the coil while you have liquid in the pod too, so no need to finish the liquid with a spent coil or dump the juice.

There is an airflow control ring which is attached to the bottom of the installed coil. This is reusable, so you swap it onto your new coil when changing a coil. Don’t throw it away with the old coil. The airflow control ring lets you dial in your preferred airflow via two cyclops airflow slots and there is also a single hole if you want to restrict the airflow down to a mouth to lung draw.


The Thelema comes with two coils included in the box:

  • 0.2ohm Ultra Boost M4 Mesh Coil (preinstalled)
  • 0.3ohm Ultra Boost M1 Mesh Coil

You can also use any of the other coils in the Ultra Boost coil range; the 0.15ohm, 0.6ohm and the 1.0ohm, as well as the Ultra Boost RBA deck.

The 0.2ohm coil is rated for use between 40-60W and the 0.3ohm coil is rated for use between 30-40W.

PerformanceLost Vape Thelema 2

I first tried the 0.2ohm coil as it was pre-installed in the pod. The airflow was really smooth, I kept it fully open and the cloud production was good. Flavor on the 0.2ohm coil is good at any wattage in the recommended range, so it’s really just a case of finding the right wattage in the recommended range to suit how warm you like your vape.

The 0.3ohm coil has a similar airflow feel to the 0.2ohm coil, retaining the same smoothness. It does produce less vapor than the 0.2ohm coil, which is to be expected due to the lower recommended wattage range. Flavor is noticeably less than the 0.2ohm coil, also. It’s certainly not lacking in flavor, but just lacks the pop that I got from the 0.2ohm. I wish I’d used the 0.3ohm coil first, as coming from the 0.2ohm coil just took the shine away.


Overall, the Lost Vape Thelema is a very nice pod mod. The internal battery has a great capacity, there is a nice selection of coils available ranging from DL to MTL, along with an RBA coil option if you prefer.

The mod itself looks great, feels great, has exception build quality and to top it off it’s really simple to use.

The only negative points I can think of is that it’s a little difficult to see your liquid level in the pod through the little cut out window.

The overall size of the Thelema is slightly larger than some other pod mod devices, which is a small trade off for having the large capacity internal battery. It still fits in the hand lovely and maintains a nice, holdable weight.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W Review

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W

Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews’ started by Frenkyou, Aug 15, 2020.

The prestigious Lost vape company after a transitory period returns to the Mods. With the release of the Centaurus DNA250C the new course has officially begun, several interesting innovations are expected soon.

What we will talk about today is a true 2 in 1 Kit, a complete and quality product that allows it to be used with all the functions of a Mod and with all the advantages of a pod, without imperfections deriving from one or the other. solution.

Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod has several interesting features let’s see them together.

Enjoy the reading

The packaging on the front shows the logo, the brand name, the image of the Mod in Pod format, some main features in the form of an icon and the wording indicating the name of the device.

On the back are listed: content, warnings, social icons where the brand is present, security code in relief, bar code, color indication (Black marine) logos & brands


Kit contents:
– 1 Gemini Hybrid Kit
– 1 Pod (4ML Pre-installed)
– 1 510 adapter
– 1 Drip Tip 510 MTL
– 1 Micro Usb cable
– 1 Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 0.2Ω range 40-60W (Pre-installed)
– 1 Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W
– 1 Air adjustment ring for Ultra Boost coils
– 1 Sachet of O-rings
– 1 Warranty Card
– 1 User manual


Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 81.4x48x23mm
Weight with battery and tank full of liquid: 216g
Mod Material: Zinc Alloy
Battery: 18650 (not included)
Pod capacity: 4ml
Output: 5-80W increment / decrement 0.5W at a time
Screen: 0.96 inch color TFT display
Current range: 0.3A-22A.
Resistance range: 0.12-5.0Ω

Compatible Coils:
0.3Ω Ultra Boost M1 Mesh Coil (30-40W, for DL)
0.6Ω Ultra Boost M2 Mesh Coil (20-28W, for DL)
0.15Ω M3 Ultra Boost Mesh Coil (40-70W, for DL)
0.20Ω M4 Ultra Boost Mesh Coil (40-60W, for DL)
1.0Ω MTL Ultra Boost Coil (8-15W, for MTL)
Ultra Boost RBA Deck Range (0.15-3.0Ω)

Available colors:
Black carbon Fiber, Gun Metal Carbon Fiber, SS Carbon Fiber, Black Marine, Gunmetal Puzzling, SS Jungle, Black fire & Ice, Gunmetal Crater, SS Glacier.


The body of this Hybrid is entirely built in solid zinc alloy, this feature raises its weight, however the extremely small dimensions and the perfect fitting of the parts favor its portability.

On the front side, the Fire key is placed at the top in its classic ideal position, its surface is mirror polished, the Fire key is made of metal, its shape is round, slightly protruding.

The screen has a 0.96-inch color TFT display that contains all the information useful for vaping, we find: the graphic level with residual battery charge percentage, coil Ω, Watts set, last Puff duration, puff counter, lock / unlock icon in the shape of a padlock, indication on the six available and selectable background colors.

The two up / down adjustment keys are basically a scaled-down execution of the Fire key.

The Micro-Usb socket is the last detail of the front and is located in the lower part.

The back side is bare, with a clean line without frills, it blends well with the lower and upper shelves.


Both panels are colored “Black marine”, off-centered at the top on both sides we find a black plastic insert well inserted in the line of the Mod. This detail has the dual task of making visible the level of residual liquid and to air to the coil through three slots.

The silver band present on both panels, takes on different shades of color depending on the exposure to light, on one panel the writing “Gemini Hybrid” on the other shows the writing “Lost Vape”.


The top shelf is an integral part of the structure, aesthetically very beautiful compared to the classic pods with often unstable attacks, the Drip-Tip 510 is replaceable.

On the bottom of the mod we find the notch to open the battery door, this notch also acts as a vent of the 18650 cell.
Always on the bottom they are present; the C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and manufactured by Lost Vape LTD”.

The pod compartment has the contact poles marked, gold / plated, with the bottom one floating. To facilitate the extraction of the cell there is a practical and useful strap marked Lost Vape.

Four magnets positioned on the four corners of the battery compartment hold the door effectively and without any movement.
In the same picture you can see the Pod installed, the air adjustment ring is completely wide open.


In this image the Gemini Hybrid Kit with the 18650 cell inserted, the internal part of the door being metal does not have magnets.

Included in the kit there are two rubber caps to further choke the two external air-flows, however the air control ring performs its task very well by itself, making them superfluous.


To remove the Pod from the Hibryd you must first remove the lid from the battery compartment, then you must remove the Drip-Tip, finally you must press on the recess created specifically on the top of the cartridge and pull, to insert it you carry out the reverse procedure, this operation is easier to do than describe it and it’s really simple.


The Hibryd has two 510 Drip-Tips, one very thin, elongated, reminiscent of a cigarette mouthpiece and is suitable for MTL vaping with the 1.0Ω Ultra Boost MTL coil, the other Drip-tip is designed for the Flavor, in my opinion the latter has an excellent performance at 40 / 45W.

The Pod with a liquid capacity of 4ml has the refil cap placed at the top, once the lid has been removed it is possible to comfortably carry out the filling operation without removing it from its seat.

The liquid control side windows offer good visual control thanks to the very clear material of the pod

We then choose the new coil and after wetting it with the liquid, we can screw it firmly to the AFC control ring, then inserting it into the cartridge.

I recommend waiting at least five minutes before starting to vape to allow the cotton in the coil to absorb the liquid well.


– Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W:
With this resistance I used a liquid 50/50 at 4mg / ml of my production with Tob-Ermes aroma.
The coil (not mesh) activates surprisingly well already starting from 5W, just the time to do the break-in of the coil and I switched to 8W, the two air-flow holes on the body of this coil are so small that they hardly need to be partialized to obtain a good contrasted MTL puff.

Vaping slowly the puff is very fluid while vaping with more energy you feel the need to increase watts as the prehit curve of the mod falls.
So the steam is warm and low in quantity, the aromatic yield has yet to be defined, after a short transition to 10W with consequent general improvement I tried all possible wattages within 15W (physical limit of the coil).

I found 13.5W an excellent compromise without necessarily having to push myself beyond this threshold.
I adjusted the ring in order to have a contrasted puff, the vapor is hot enough and the aromatic yield really valid to be an MTL coil and I am not a lover of this type of vape, the vapor I perceive it dry and with a remarkable Hit, thanks to the shape of the Drip-tip this type of vape reminds me a lot of burnt cigarettes.

With this configuration, the consumption of liquid is really negligible, the 4ml of autonomy of the tank really give a lot of time to the vape before having to refill.

In this Pod-AIO-MTL configuration, Hibryd has done very well, the 4mg / ml present in my liquid fully satisfy, other atomizers with pre-set heads with this concentration (4mg / ml) have a lower yield than to what the “Ultra Boost MTL” from lost Vape, this is great news for those who want to stay away from cigarettes and receive contentment with low nicotine concentrations.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 from 0.2Ω range 40-60W:
With this resistance I used the wide Drip-Tip 510 supplied in the kit, the liquid chosen was the Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.

As happens with other latest generation meshes, even with this Ultra Boost M4 it is surprising to observe the ability to be able to work perfectly at much lower speeds than the minimum indicated on the resistance.

At 40W with wide open air-flow I distinctly perceive the intense and unmistakable tropical aroma of my liquid, its sweetness conquers me, the vapor density is remarkable, no splash on the tongue, the puff is really smooth and soft, even the noise of suction is muffled and not at all annoying, I must say that before varying the wattage and doing air regulation tests I spent a lot of time with this configuration.

I reached 60W without the coil showing signs of sagging, or the drip-tip getting too hot, with this configuration the consumption of liquid becomes important, you have to top up the tank often, after having made several adjustments and tests I found at 45W with the air ring completely open my ideal setting, sometimes to vary I go down to 35W (under the minimum speed of the M4 coil) and close the air-flow to 50%. These in the use of Hibryd are the settings that suit me and satisfy me.
The Gemini Hibryd lives up to its name and proves capable of passing well the exam of the two MTL / DTL tests.

Note: The new 0.2 & 1.0Ω Ultra Boost Coils have been renewed to be able to use the AFC control ring.
However, all Ultra Boost coils are compatible with the Gemini Hybrid.


The Ultra Boost RBA package contains:
– 1 Deck Rba
– 1 spare O’ring pouch
– 1 Allen key to tighten the coils
– 2 Spare grains to tighten the coils
– 2 pre-rolled coils
– Cotton wick
– 1 510 adapter

Note: The Ultra Boost RBA coil is available for purchase separately.


– Ultra Boost RBA:
It is made for a Flavor / Lung use and despite its small size it is not difficult to regenerate.
The perforated turrets are easy to insert with the coil legs, the supplied Allen key fits easily on the head of the turrets to screw / unscrew the special and tiny grains, even the back combing is relatively simple, the cotton whiskers must be folded into the special notches made on the deck, once the bell / chimney has been inserted, the excess cotton can be trimmed with the help of scissors.

Note the two large slots at the base of the RBA, the lack of a special AFC makes this RBA usable only in Flavor / DTL.

I find this RBA useful for those who want to have fun building flavor builds, experimenting their skills, but after a couple of not-so-optimal attempts and given the high performance and ease of use of the pre-made coils, I prefer the Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4, I know, I’m lazy!


The 510 adapter accessory that allows the Gemini Hybrid to become a real 18650 Box Mod is simple and well made, the form factor faithfully follows that of the Tank / Pod, in fact it occupies the same housing and the insertion / disarming procedure is analogous.


Qualitatively, this 510 adapter has nothing to do with certain improvised accessories to transform the various classic pods into Mods.


Aesthetically it goes unnoticed being hidden by the battery compartment panel and to the eye the Gemini looks like a real Box Mod born like this.

The Gemini Hybrid in the Box Mod version houses atomizers up to 24mm without overflowing. The particular conformation of the upper surface beveled on the sides makes it particularly beautiful even with smaller diameter atomizers.


The circuit of the Gemini Hybrid 80W:
– To turn on / off the device, five clicks on the fire button are required in less than two seconds.
– Sleep mode is automatically activated after 10s of inactivity.
– The wattage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.5W at a time from 5 to 80W.
– To lock / unlock the wattages, press the Up / Down buttons simultaneously.
– To delete the puff number, press the Down / Fire buttons simultaneously.
– To change one of the six screen colors, press the Up / Fire buttons simultaneously.
– No Pass-Through the device warns on the screen that it is not allowed to vape while charging for safety reason.
– Low battery the device warns on the screen that the battery charge level is low.
– Check atomizer the device warns on the screen that it does not detect the atomizer.
– Short circuit the device warns on the screen that the resistive value is less than 0.1Ω.
– Too hot, when the device reaches a board temperature above 80 °, it blocks and restores below 60 °.
– Over 10s, the device locks for safety when 10s of continuous delivery are reached.



Gemini Hybrid Kit 80W HighLights:

2-in-1 hybrid device (pod mode and mod mode).
Aesthetically beautiful in both AIO & MOD configurations.
Compact size.
Construction materials.
Good finishes.
Simple design.
Precise battery cover.
Easy to navigate chipset.
Instant power delivery.
Good battery management.
18650 power supply.
0.96 inch color TFT screen with 6 colors.
Replaceable 510 DL / MTL Drip Tip.
4ml pod with convenient refill.
Double liquid control windows.
Adjustable air flow for the new 0.2 and 1.0Ω Ultra Boost Coils.
Compatible with all Ultra Boost Coil and RBA ranges.
Almost non-existent condensation even after intense use.

Volts not indicated on the screen.

Thanks to Lost Vape for making this kit available to me for the review: PRESALE-GEMINI HYBRID 80W POD MOD


Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit Review

Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit

Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews’ started by Frenkyou, Aug 17, 2020.

Recently Lost Vape decided to go back to “Back To Basic” (BTB) origins.
It all started with the powerful and prestigious Centaurus DNA250C dual battery Mod.

Lost Vape is a much admired brand with many fan’s all over the world, these people require innovation, so the research and development department of Lost Vape went to work to please its fan’s.

I was able to appreciate the extraordinary transforming qualities and the constructive care of the brand new Gemini Hibyd 80W.
Today I would like to introduce you the BTB (Back To Basic) Kit 100W equipped with 18650 battery and temperature control functions.

Enjoy the reading.

The package features the Lost Vape brand logo and the wording “Quest” on the front.
On the white background there is the image of the kit with a tricolor motif regarding its graphics (SS Vintage Classic).
On this side there are some main features in the form of icons, while the name of the product is shown in full at the bottom right (BACK TO BASIC KIT 100W).

On the back are indicated; the contents of the kit, the warnings, the security code, the social networks where Lost Vape is present with its fan’s, the barcode, the logos and the legal trademarks.


“The New Demarcation” and the name of the product are printed on the side of the packaging.


Contents of the BTB 100W Kit:
-1 BTB Kit with UBX tank (2ML)
-1 Bubble Glass UBX (4ML)
-1 Coil Ultra Boost M3 of 0.15Ω Pre-installed
-1 1.0Ω MTL Ultra Boost Coil
-1 Drip Tip MTL
-1 USB-C charging cable
-1 Pack of spare O-rings
-1 User manual
-1 Warranty card


– Body material: zinc alloy
– Dimensions: 91x36x25 mm
– Weight: 202g (246g including battery)
– Battery: single 18650 (Not included)
– 0.96 inch color TFT screen
– Output power: 5-100W
– Supported working modes: VW / VV / TC-SS / TC-Ni / TC-Ti
– Output voltage: 0.8V-7V
– Current range: 0.3A-30A
– Temperature range: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ° C-300 ° C
– Range of resistances supported: 0.1-3.0Ω
– Type C fast charging
– Compatible with the whole series of Coil Ultra Boost



Available colours:
Red Camo, Blue Camo, Green Camo, Black Camo, SS Vintage Classic, Black Vintage Camo, Matt Black Vintage Stars.


Description BTB Mod 100W:
Like its sister Gemini-Hybrid, the BTB-100W is built in solid zinc alloy, the elegant design and its very small shape make it comfortable and easy to hold.

The entire frame, excluding the removable panel, is therefore a single block in zinc alloy, at the top the section tapers progressively, connecting with the base of the 510 cup.
The base of the 510 cup has been machined to integrate in a visually pleasing way into the overall design of the BTB.

The massive side panels of my SS Vintage Classic version are covered with a layer of very durable fabric (looks like jeans).
The decorations on the fabric include a tricolor transversal strip on both sides, on one side we find the initials BTB (Back To Basic) on the other side the word Lost Vape appears.

The non-decorated fabric part and the decorated fabric areas have two different and pleasant textures to the touch.
The panel with the wording BTB is the removable one, perfectly coupled with the structure that houses it, to be removed it uses a recess on the bottom.


The front of the BTB houses at the top the slightly protruding fire button, circular in shape and large.
The fire button is made of black plastic.
The 0.96 inch color TFT screen is the same color as the control keys (black).
The Up / Down control keys are placed on an elongated rocker, below them is the only mode key having the same shape and color.
The USB Type-C charging socket is located in the lower part of this side.


The 510 cup is screwed to the body via three French screws, it is cleverly raised to avoid scratching the edge of the mod during the positioning phases of the atomizers. The floating pin 510 is gold plated and the connection thread has a good smoothness.

The BTB can comfortably accommodate ø 25mm atomizers, the original UBX tank is ø 24mm.

The C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and manufactured by lost Vape are shown on the bottom of the BTB Mod.
Also on the bottom there are two large slits for the 18650 cell vent.


The compartment / battery is arranged in an orderly manner and is fixed to the mod by four screws elegantly hidden by as many rubber caps (top finishes!), Has three magnets, two of circular shape positioned at the top and one of rectangular shape positioned in bass.

The slot for the 18650 cell has the polarities marked, the negative pole is spring loaded, to facilitate the extraction of the battery there is a useful strap signed Lost Vape.

The removable panel has an adhesive label on the inside with warnings for the batteries.

The quality and super finishes of Lost Vape are also noticeable in the perfect closure of the Panel with the Mod. This is by far the most precise and perfect coupling that I have ever seen on Box Mod of this type. Once fixed, the panel will look like a single structure with the Mod!


Description UBX Tank 24mm – Innovative Airflow Intake-MTL Mode & DL Mode:

The UBX Tank uses the same pre-made Ultra Boost coils as the Gemini Hybrid. It is completely detachable, including the AFC ring and this is good for being able to carry out periodic deep cleaning.

The colors of choice for the UBX Tank are seven.


The UBX Tank is built almost entirely in SS steel, the quality feels and the weight proves it, almost 60gr is not few.
Much Spare parts are supplied in the kit; some o-rings, two Drip-Tip 510 and a 4ml bubble glass.

AFC ring is equipped with limit switches in both directions of rotation and it is possible to adjust it with precision both for an open DTL vape and for an MTL vape, if you want you can also adjust it in a very suffocated way.

Top-Cap opens by slide, there is no child safety, but even here you can feel the quality of Lost-Vape, thanks to the precision of workmanship it is practically impossible that the Top-Cap can accidentally open.

By unscrewing the deck and using the “Push and Pull” method (with empty tank) you can connect / disconnect all the UB-Coils.



Coils Ultra Boost:
The Vaping tests I carried out with the Gemini Hybrid 80W took place simultaneously with those of the BTB 100W, this is because both the Gemini Hybrid pod-tank and the UBX Tank adopt the same coils.
Some of these coils such as the 1.0Ω UB and the UB M4 have recently been modified by Lost vape specifically to be able to mount the AFC in the Gemini Hybrid pod, but are still compatible in the UBX Tank.
The liquids I used are the same for both reviews.

– Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W:
With this resistance I used a liquid 50/50 at 4mg / ml of my production with Tob-Ermes aroma. The Drip tip used is the narrow one specifically for MTL (same as that of the Gemini Hybrid).

The chipset of the BTB (like that of the Hybrid) is able to activate the coil (not mesh) surprisingly well already starting from 5W, given the similarities found with the Gemini Hybrid I went directly to 13.5W.

The excellent performance (extensively described in the Gemini Hybrid review) is perfectly replicated with some slight differences. The Puff is more open with the Tank UBX but only with the slots fully open.

The real surprise was using the two smaller holes (I think they are 0.5mm), with this configuration the MTL puff is fantastic, in line with that of the Gemini Hybrid, the AFC adjustment allows comfortable and very fine adjustments. Perhaps the UBX Tank heats up more by compulsively vaping. The Gemini Hybrid pod is made of PCTG while the UBX Tank is made of steel so it makes sense that the heat transfer is higher.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 from 0.2Ω range 40-60W:
With this resistance I used the wide 510 Drip-Tip supplied in the kit (the same as that of the Gemini Hybrid), the liquid chosen was the Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.

Again, the performance is absolutely comparable to that recorded with the Gemini Hybrid.
With the Gemini Hybrid I had found my Best-Vaping at 45W with the air ring completely open, or as a second option at 35W closing the air-flow at 50%.
With the Tank UBX you can risk something more, like high wattage, the best performance with open air-flow in this case is 50W.

Having also available the old 0.3Ω and 0.6Ω UB coils (not usable with the Gemini Hybrid AFC) I took the opportunity to try them with the UBX tank.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M1 from 0,3Ω range 30-40W
With this Coil made for the Flavor / Lung puff, I used Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.
The aromatic yield at 40W is similar to the previous 0.2Ω UB M4, at this wattage it is a bit exasperate, however it seems to resist, I recommend using it at 30W for a longer duration of resistance, the taste is good even if it does not reach the high performance of the UB M4 in terms of vapor emission, however I find it pleasant with AFC adjusted to 50%.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M2 from 0.6Ω range 20-28W
Made for a DTL puff, I particularly liked using it at 20W with the AFC rather closed and with the wide Drip-Tip, the vapor is not hot and the puff is quite contrasted, during my tests I also set it to 25w and vape was very satisfying, the puff is more open than the 1.0Ω coil, however I would dare to call it MTL / open.

The UBX Tank is cleverly crafted and works beautifully, it doesn’t leak a drop of liquid and it fits perfectly with all the coils I’ve tried. I think this is due to the precise adjustment of the AFC, I had felt almost the same sensations with the old Melo 5 but I must say that the yield of the Tank UBX and its Coils is much more flexible, with superior performance. It does not matter that the UBX tank does not have locking mechanisms or safety devices for children.



Lost Vape BTB 100W:
Maybe 100W for a single 18650 is an exaggerated value, however I vape very well even at 60W with the M4 coil.
In vape I hardly go beyond 60W, if I have to do it I do it with a dual battery.
With the BTB 100W and its chipset I found the same excellent performance as the Gemini Hybrid 80W, excellent responsiveness and excellent management of battery life.


The 0.96 “OLED screen has 6 very bright background colors and offers a fairly good view of the fonts.
the screen shows all the information useful for vaping except the OHM reading in the VW configuration.
To read them it is therefore necessary to switch to VV mode.


How the Lost Vape BTB 100W works:

The evolved circuit of the Gemini Hybrid maintains all the previous positive aspects in this new version (BTB 100W), with the addition of the Mode selection button that makes navigating the menu even faster and more intuitive.

– To turn on / off the device, five clicks on the fire button are required in less than two seconds.
– Sleep mode is automatically activated after 10s of inactivity.
– To lock / unlock the wattage press the Up / Mode buttons simultaneously.
– The wattage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.5W at a time from 5 to 100W.
– The voltage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.1V at a time from 1 to 7W.
– To enter the menu with Mod unlocked, lightly press the Mode key, the current mode lights up red, press the Up / Down keys to choose between the modes among (VW, VV, TC-SS, TC-NI, TC-Ti ), then confirm the selected mode by pressing and holding the Mode key.
– TC SS / TI / NI mode has a value that can be set by pressing the Up / Down keys between 100 ° -300 ° C and 200 ° -600 ° F, confirm with the Mode key.
– To delete the puff number, press the Down / Mode keys simultaneously.
– To change one of the six screen colors, press and hold the Mode button for two seconds.
– No Pass-Through the device warns on the screen that it is not allowed to vape while charging for safety reason.
– Low battery the device warns on the screen that the battery charge level is low.
– Check atomizer the device warns on the screen that it does not detect the atomizer.
– Short circuit the device warns on the screen that the resistive value is less than 0.1Ω.
– Too hot, when the device reaches a board temperature above 80 °, it stops and restores below 60 °.
– Over 10s, the device locks for safety when 10s of continuous delivery are reached.


HighLights “Back to Basic 100W Box Mod Kit”:

– Aesthetically beautiful with quality finishes.
– Compact size.
– Construction materials.
– Simple design.
– Super precise battery cover.
– Easy to navigate chipset with additional Mode button.
– Instant power delivery.
– Good battery management.
– 18650 power supply.
– 0.96 inch color TFT screen with 6 colors.
– Support SS / TI / NI in temperature control mode.
– USB-C Fast charging
– Replaceable 510 DL / MTL Drip Tip.
– 4ml bubble glass with quick refill slide.
– Innovative super effective Airflow for MTL & DL
– Non-existent condensation formation with any coil.

Volts not indicated on the watts screen.

Thanks to Lost Vape for making this kit available for review: BTB 100W STARTER KIT







The Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System is the latest AIO device released in 2020 from the hugely popular Quest line. This new model introduces some welcomed hardware changes that include a much larger battery, double the power output, and up to 4ml eliquid capacity. If you enjoyed or missed out on the previous Orion Q-PRO, I’d highly recommend reading this detailed and very honest review.

Lost Vape is a well-known vape manufacturer that specializes in developing pod based devices. They established themselves in 2014, but only recently became renowned in 2018 thanks to the original Orion DNA GO. Lost Vape currently boasts two fantastic lines that include the Quest and DNA. Their dedication to continuous improvement really shines through in the Orion Q-ULTRA. To find out why by reading the below remarks.


The Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System is much larger than previous renditions, measuring 105mm’s by 43.2mm’s by 16.5mm’s. This is because Lost Vape has incorporated a massive 1600mAh battery within the main chassis. Compare that to the last Orion device that only featured a 950mAh battery. As a result, you can easily get a few days or so worth of charge out of the Q-ULTRA.

The power output is also much higher. Its new range is between 5 and 40 watts! That’s more than enough to appease most MTL and DTL vapers. Lost Vape released a bunch of new press-fit coil heads for the Q-ULTRA. This includes a 0.3, 0.6, and 1.0ohm. I personally enjoyed the lower ohm coil. It delivered fantastic true to taste flavor and decent clouds. The airflow is also fully adjustable via a ring that sits under the 510 drip trip.

The zinc alloy construction and stabwood styled panels have been swapped out for aluminum alloy and textured plastic. While it doesn’t feel or look as nice anymore, it’s much more durable and lightweight. Overall I think this was a smart move to extend the longevity and accessibility of the device. On the front face are a cartridge release, decent sized 0.69″ inch OLED screen, fire button, and adjustment buttons.

It would always adjust the watts after I turned the device off, then on again. I’m sure though this will be fixed in future updates. You can use your ultra-quick Type-C USB port to access the latest version.


The Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System is currently available for pre-order. The best price I could find online was $39.90 USD from Vapesourcing. I think that’s a bit expensive for a pod device, but you can make it a bit cheaper by using our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I’d happily recommend buying the Q-ULTRA because of the overall quality and performance of the device. You can also opt-in for an RBA base.


The Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System is currently available in a variety of colors and textures. This includes carbon fiber black, nebula purple, marble white, leather black, linen grey, and also exotic fantasy. I was really impressed by the unique panel options, though still prefer the old ones. The packaging is modern and presents well. Inside you’ll find a Q-ULTRA battery, cartridge, 2 x coils, charging cable, and also a user manual.

Comment down below what you thought of the Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System.

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