Gravure Anti-Counterfeit Technology to Fight Fakes

LOST VAPE LTD always values our customers’ vaping experience of tasting and satisfaction of each drop of e-liquid, and puts our products’ quality first priority as well.

We have made some upgrade on our anti-counterfeiting sticker to protect our customers’ benefit and prevent counterfeits from damaging our brand’s value and image. The gravure technology has been adopted by various countries as the anti-counterfeiting technology of printing money, with unique technique of structural light changes and designed hidden patterns, to ensure forgers unable to imitate.

How to verify?

A. Visualizing:

Step 1. Face and look at the sticker as figure 1. You will see anti counterfeiting a in light color and flowers below.

Figure 1. View label from the front

Step 2. Lie down to change the angle (Figure 2) you will see the entire graph with color changing from light to dark.

Figure 2. View label at any angle

Step 3. Use a magnifier with different lens to see micro-text – “LOST VAPE” in dark green.


When touching the label, there is an obvious concave-convex feeling.

If you have purchased any product branded LOST VAPE LTD, with the anti-counterfeiting security label, but still have question about the verification, please contact your vendor immediately.

For any of organizations and individuals who sell counterfeit products of LOST VAPE LTD, we will resolutely fight by law.