Lost Vape Orion DNA Plus Review

Lost Vape Orion DNA Plus Review – Have They Improved An Already Awesome Pod Kit ? Replaceable Coils – An Upgrade to the DNA Go Chip – 5 Power Levels and 15 Stunning Designs By Neil Humber  -August 31, 2019 The Lost Vape Orion Plus pod kit is an upgrade to the hugely popular – and […]

Lost Vape Lyra Review

Lost Vape Lyra Review | Classy Looking Pod System! A Lost Vape device but not Lost Vape prices By Flat Cap Vaper – July 11, 2019 The Lost Vape Lyra is another pod system from a brand that is best known for its higher end vape gear with the latest DNA chipset. Mods such as […]

Best Guide for the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO AIO

Lost Vape is a reliable brand that has been releasing different vapes since 2014 that customers have loved. Recently with the wide popularization of pod systems, the Lost Vape Orion was released during 2018, with features, making it a unique and revolutionary vape within the Pod system family, which has innovative features unlike other pod […]

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q Intro Lost Vape’s first pod mod took the market by storm with its high-end design and excellent DNA Go chipset by Evolv. It had many admirers, including the whole Vaping Vibe team. Yet it was still quite a divisive device with many stating the hype […]

Lost Vape Orion Q Review | Half the Price of the GO

Product intro and specs The Orion GO was arguably the most important pod vape of last year. Now in 2019, Lost Vape has released the second edition, the Orion Quest (Q). It’s a paired down version of the original Orion Go for a little less than half the price, but without the most unique electronic features of […]

Should vaping be allowed in the workplace?

Since the FDA announced new restrictions on e-cigarettes, an increasing number of US cities and states have been inclined to treat them just like tobacco. Vaping indoors, and at your desk for example, meant increased productivity and concentration for a lot of vapers, since they weren’t having to go outside to take smoking breaks, or […]

Traveling? Know the countries where vaping is banned or restricted

If you’re a vaper who loves to travel then it’s important to know where you can visit that allows you to bring along your vaping gear. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your getaway without feeling the unfortunate side effects of nicotine withdrawal. That being said, while it’s relatively easy to purchase […]

Which e-cig starter kit suits your vaping style?

The best part about vaping, aside from delicious flavors, is that the intuitive technology of popular devices is constantly improving to best meet the needs of each vaper. This means that recent ex-smokers have the ability to commence their experience with an e-cig starter kit that’s easy-to-use and safe for transport, while seasoned vapers have an opportunity […]

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