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Compatibility of Q-PRO

Q-PRO is compatible with all types of refillable pods & coils
– ORION DNA GO 0.25ohm & 0.5ohm cotton pod
– ORION Q 1.0ohm cotton pod
– ORION PLUS 0.25ohm mesh coil & 0.5ohm regular coils
– Q-PRO 1.0ohm regular coils

What’s the difference between Q-PRO and ORION Q?

Can ORION PLUS new cartridge be used with ORION DNA GO?

Yes, ORION PLUS new pod installed with replaceable coils can be also used with ORION DNA GO.

Just need to ensure, before you use new cartridge with ORION DNA GO, please upgrade your ORION DNA GO first.

Upgrade software, make ORION DNA GO update to ORION PLUS.  Please check the page and upgrade your device to ORION PLUS.

Upgrade Software

Can ORION PLUS be used with old ORION refillable pods?

Yes. ORION PLUS also compatible with old ORION DNA GO 0.25 ohm and 0.5 ohm refillable pods as well.

The best recommended powers for it are Level 1 and Level 2(White and Blue indicators).


Yes. You can upgrade your ORION DNA GO to ORION PLUS DNA KIT.

Please check the page and operate.

Upgrade Software

Can ORION PLUS new cartridge be used with ORION Q?

No. The new cartridge for ORION PLUS can be used with ORION DNA SERIES(ORION DNA GO & ORION PLUS DNA KIT)

What’s the difference between ORION DNA GO and ORION PLUS?

Compatibility Form for all kinds of pod (ORION SERIES)

Do you have warranty for your products?

For LOST VAPE DNA products, LOST VAPE offers a SIX-month warranty from the date of purchase.

For LOST VAPE QUEST products, LOST VAPE offers a THREE-month warranty from the date of purchase.

We recommend customers to buy from authorized vendors listed on our official website.

Who should I contact if my devices have quality problems?

If there is any problem with our products, please contact us via email: or direct message via Facebook: @LostVapeLtd

What should I do if the warranty is expire?

Lost Vape are willing to help you repair all of the quality problems of the devices. Please contact the nearby repair center for more details. Please check the list of our repair centers.

Do you update your products regularly?

As the leading advanced personal vaporizer manufacturer, Lost Vape will continue devoted to providing alternatives to tobacco smoking and promoting a healthier lifestyle via its state-of-art and easy-to-use advanced personal vaporizers in the future.

Where should we get the news of the product update?

You can follow our website and our social account: @Lost_Vape(instagram); @LostVapeLtd(Facebook), we will update any information in time on social platforms.

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