Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q Intro

Lost Vape’s first pod mod took the market by storm with its high-end design and excellent DNA Go chipset by Evolv.

It had many admirers, including the whole Vaping Vibe team. Yet it was still quite a divisive device with many stating the hype wasn’t worth it, and it was just overkill for a pod mod that came with a high price tag.

Lost Vape made the most logical step for their latest release. The Orion Quest (or Q) is a stripped back version of the Lost Vape Orion which uses a simple wattage board instead of the DNA Go by Evolv.

That means it comes in at a far more palatable price even though it has the same design and build quality.

But does the lack of fancy features like Replay mode, mean that the Orion Q is an inferior device? And which one ultimately provides the best value and is the best option for you?

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Lost Vape Orion Q
Battery Life

Decisions are based on all the Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.


As sibling rivalries go, this one could seem a bit unfair at first glance. It’s like the fully grown man going in to fight his pre-teen younger brother.

However, that’s not really the case. The Orion Q may lack the clever internals of the Orion Go, but that doesn’t necessarily make it an inferior device. In fact, it makes it a far more approachable and affordable device for the average vaper, and that’s already a massive win.

However, let’s break down the bare facts to see if it’s worth spending twice the amount for the DNA Go.

When it comes to design and build quality, you can’t really tell these two devices apart. The lack of a replay button on the Q means the micro-USB is in a far better position, instead of tucked away behind an annoying flap. Although some may prefer the cleaner look of the DNA Go, the Q’s layout just feels more practical.

When it comes to pods, the Orion Quest comes with the same style pod, but it’s a 1.0-Ohm Kanthal coil. We also noticed that these pods don’t quite fit as seamlessly to the Q as the pods on the DNA Go. We won’t count this against the device, and it is only a small gap, but it’s something to bear in mind.

Battery life is a hard one to gauge as it really depends on the resistance of the coil you are using on the device. That being said we used the 0.5-Ohm stainless steel coil on both the Q and the DNA Go and didn’t notice any notable difference. However, playing with your power features in Escribe on the DNA Go will give you more scope.

It’s also worth noting that you do have the ability to use the 1.0 Kanthal pods on the Lost Vape DNA Go if you go into Escribe and set it up. So if your main deciding factor was to use the higher resistance coil, the DNA Go does give you the choice, even though it’s not the most straightforward method.

So what about performance?

Well, there’s no denying that having the replay feature and the ability to control the ‘warmth’ and ‘boost’ of your vape through Escribe does give you a far more tailored experience, and ultimately better performance.

That being said the primary day to day experience and general performance actually comes down to the pods you are using on the device, and even though Lost Vape has updated the pods, they are still quite inconsistent.

If your only reason for getting an Orion was to use it in a DTL setup, then the 0.25-Ohm coils (although power hungry) are your best bet, and those will only work on the DNA Go.

However, when it comes to MTL vaping the Q holds it’s own with either of the other coils. The lack of power features doesn’t impact the vape experience enough to justify the extra price of the DNA GO.

So you have to ask yourself the question of what are you buying the device for?

If the ability to control your power setting, temperature control through Replay mode and have more variation on pods (giving you better scope for DTL or MTL vaping) is important to you. Then the DNA Go is more versatile and ultimately the better choice between the two Orions – if it’s in your budget.

But if you are just looking for a stylish pocket-friendly device to use with simple plug-and-play features. Then there’s no question that the Orion Q is the more sensible choice.

Lost Vape Orion Q Review | Half the Price of the GO

Product intro and specs

The Orion GO was arguably the most important pod vape of last year. Now in 2019, Lost Vape has released the second edition, the Orion Quest (Q). It’s a paired down version of the original Orion Go for a little less than half the price, but without the most unique electronic features of the GO.

The Orion Q has a 950 mAh internal battery and the power output is set for 17 watts only. No adjustability and no Evolv DNA board. The device comes either by itself with no pods, or you can get the kit that comes with a single 2 mL pod housing a 1.0-ohm Kanthal coil (the only official Quest pod).

From the outside looking in, there’s virtually no difference between the two versions. What remains for the Quest is the build quality and design. But is that enough to compensate for the lack of all the other features?

Frame colors: stainless steel, black, blue, gold (all come with carbon fiber panels)


Kit Content

Build quality and design

As mentioned, the Orion Q is basically the Orion GO with a different chip. If you’re not familiar with the GO, then I’ll discuss the Quest as it is.

The Orion Q is a quality-built and well-designed pod device. It’s got some heft to it, although it doesn’t interfere with it being an easy carry. It’s a rectangular pod vape made of a stainless-steel chassis and carbon fiber panels. With the thick plastic pod in, the Quest weighs about 85 grams and its dimensions are 93 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm. The pod has dual-slotted adjustable airflow from a knurled ring in the base of the proprietary mouthpiece, and a screw-top fill port on the top of the pod. Filling the pod is completely straightforward. You can practically pour juice in it, but because there is a lot of cotton in the pods, I’d recommend waiting at least 15 minutes for these to totally saturate.

Once the pods are in the device, they’re incredibly secure. There is a track and catch system that the pods go into, and they’re removed from a sliding switch on the side of the device. To insert the pod, angle the base of the pod (the mouthpiece side) to the back of the pod housing; then push down on the on the refill top until you hear a click.

Under the pod release switch is the circular fire button. It’s raised enough to easily find it without looking, and it’s responsive. Mine has the tiniest bit of rattle, but only when shaking it vigorously.


The performance of the Orion Q is good and I enjoy using it, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Although the pods vape quietly, and they don’t leak, spit or pop, some have far too much cotton in the coil. That increases the time to saturate and the time to break-in the coil. Sometimes a good portion of the first fill tastes off, to the point of it tasting like a burnt hit. Also, all that cotton means the flavor carry-over lasts longer than normal.

After the coils break-in, the pods last me each about a week (or 1-2 refills a day) before the taste drops off. The 1.0-ohm Q pods vape well with flavor and vapor, but mainly with DL lung hits or restricted lung hits with high VG juice. It seems counter-intuitive to do DL hits on a 1.0-ohm pod, but it works. Unfortunately, the Q doesn’t do so well for me with MTL — the 17 watts on the 1.0-ohm coil make the tip uncomfortably hot when taking successive hits when the airflow is closed off.

For compatibility of the Orion GO pods on the Q, the 0.25-ohm GO pods fall outside of the resistance range of the Q and won’t fire them. The 0.5-ohm pods will work, but the performance has been hit or miss for me lately. Sometimes it vapes well and other times it gets too hot. Also note that the Q pods will work on the Orion GO, but you will have to go into Escribe and fiddle with the settings.

Originally I said the 0.5-ohm GO pods were working fine on my Q, and they were. But lately they’ve been getting too hot and now it’s not something that I’m doing. Now I only use the Q pods on the Q.


The front/bottom micro USB port is placed well (unlike with the GO), but it’s solely meant for charging. In the GO, the oddly-placed bottom port is also for firmware updates and using Escribe.

There is a small LED right above the micro USB port that represents the charge status in three colors:

  • Light blue: 64-100
  • Purple: 18-64%
  • Red: 0-17%

As for battery life, it’s been great whether I’m using the 0.5-ohm (GO) or the 1.0-ohm (Q) pods. Even when my light is red, it seems to last much longer than the percentage available. I always get more than a day, and sometimes two full days out of a charge. I clocked the charge at more than 90 minutes while plugged into my computer — too bad there is no pass-thru charging because it’s a long charge. When the charging is complete, the light will be blue (so don’t wait for it to go out). All in all, if you want a little pocket-carry device that will last, the battery life of the Q is a plus!

Pros / Cons

  • Well made
  • Pods are totally secure
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to fill
  • Pod release switch is a pleasure to use
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Decent flavor and vapor
  • 1.0-ohm Q pods don’t work well for MTL
  • Some of the pods have too much cotton in the coil
  • Long charge and no pass-thru


For half the price of the GO, the Q is a solid buy. The Q has its faults, but it’s better than the majority of pod vapes on the market. I hope Lost Vape cuts down on the cotton in the pods because that’s the one thing I think hurts the vape quality. But even with that, for a long-lasting battery plus a quality build and design, the Q is hard to beat. It doesn’t have all the electronic features of the GO, but not everyone needs or wants all of that, especially for the higher cost.

I feel confident in recommending the device as it is for DL or restricted lung hits with low mg e-juice, and I would recommend not using this with high strength nic salts. Also, remember that Lost Vape is saying to only use the Q pods with the Q.

Should vaping be allowed in the workplace?

Since the FDA announced new restrictions on e-cigarettes, an increasing number of US cities and states have been inclined to treat them just like tobacco.

Vaping indoors, and at your desk for example, meant increased productivity and concentration for a lot of vapers, since they weren’t having to go outside to take smoking breaks, or indeed, thinking about when their next break would be.

But some cities and states have banned this right, forcing people to vape outside in the same area as smokers. Some people are arguing that this is unfair. Since many vapers are former smokers, surely forcing them to go outside and breathing in cigarette smoke is likely to hinder progress?

Forbes published an article about vaping in the workplace back in 2014 after Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the U.S., with 1.3 million workers, lumped e-cigs in with tobacco products because some e-liquids contain tobacco-derived nicotine. But Wal-Mart does not ban nicotine patches, lozenges or gum. They actually give those to employees for free as part of its smoking-cessation plan for employees. This led many people to wonder if preferential treatment was being given to big pharmaceutical products, many of which are far less effective than ecigs.

Some employers are fine with employees vaping, adopting a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Providing the majority of employees are okay with vaping in the workplace, it will be allowed.

Ultimately, the government will decide whether vaping will be allowed in the workplace, but it would be interesting to hear whether our customers are still vaping in their workplaces, and indeed, what they think about this topic. Feel free to comment below with your views, or tweet us

Traveling? Know the countries where vaping is banned or restricted

If you’re a vaper who loves to travel then it’s important to know where you can visit that allows you to bring along your vaping gear. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your getaway without feeling the unfortunate side effects of nicotine withdrawal. That being said, while it’s relatively easy to purchase new batteries and delicious vape juices in the United States, there any many countries where vaping accessories are not even sold. So, perhaps a little research will be able to help you with choosing your next vape-friendly travel destination.

What does it mean if vaping is banned somewhere?

Banned is a loose term that is used to state that vaping products and accessories are not allowed to be purchased or sold within the country, but that doesn’t mean that it’s illegal to vape there. For example, Brazil joins the list of countries where vaping is banned, however, there are quite a few prominent vapers on social media that are from Brazil who has simply purchased their gear elsewhere. In countries where vaping is banned, vapers must follow the same guidelines as smoking and vape only where it’s permitted. Here is a list of countries where vaping is banned:

  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Egypt
  • Panama
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Oman
  • Columbia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

What does it mean if vaping is restricted somewhere?

Many countries where vaping is restricted poise this constraint on the cigarette alternative because of the high levels of nicotine contents within the e-juice. Thus, some of these countries will only sell zero nicotine products. However, although the following countries technically have vaping restrictions, it’s best to do your research as some of them are a little easier going about their stipulations. That being said, here is the list we could find on countries that follow their more restricted guidelines.

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

What should you do before making travel plans?

The best thing to do is to know before you go. Do your own research, follow travel forums and trust your instincts, because places like Thailand and Singapore will get you jail time if you’re caught with any nicotine-containing e-juice. Also, if you’re in doubt as to if your travel destination has vaping restrictions, it might be best to either choose a different getaway spot or simply leave your gear at home to avoid the hassle.

Which e-cig starter kit suits your vaping style?

The best part about vaping, aside from delicious flavors, is that the intuitive technology of popular devices is constantly improving to best meet the needs of each vaper. This means that recent ex-smokers have the ability to commence their experience with an e-cig starter kit that’s easy-to-use and safe for transport, while seasoned vapers have an opportunity to upgrade and try something more contemporary and defined. So, if you aren’t quite sure which side of the spectrum that you fall under, let this be your guide towards an experience that’s livelier and fulfilling.

Tobacco and Menthol e-cig starter kits

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Zero nicotine e-cig starter kits

We exclusively offer their signature nicotine-free, e-cig starter kit for vapers who have successfully combated their addiction to nicotine or for those who simply miss their smoking routine. As they operate the same way as the above devices, the only difference is that the selection of juices is more intense in flavor and smell due to the lack of nicotine within the mixture. So, for those who enjoy the more social side of vape culture, this alternative is a great product to keep on hand.

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